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Get Away from it all and back to what matters!

Book a private cabin In the wildeness of Lakeview oregon.
Cabins & Rates 

We offer two very comfortable, rustic cabins for rent in a private park-like setting: WHITETAIL and SQUIRRELVILLE. They are available seperately or together.


We welcome larger groups for family gatherings or group retreats. Bring your own tents! Call to inquire about special rates 



We are dog owners and lovers. It is the responsibility of owners to control their animals, as the fencing here is for cattle, and beyond our property is a vast and mostly unfenced wilderness. Please see our Pet Policy for further information.


We are also planning on welcoming trail and endurance riders who want to condition their horses at higher altitudes (5700-8000 ft). Please inquire!


Our cabins are located in the Warner Mountains of South Central Oregon. These remote  mountains are in a montane, transition zone at the edge of the Great Basin semi-arid desert.


Here you have the best of both worlds. The heavily forested Warners, with their huge meadows, peaks, creeks, and lakes  on the one hand, and the open high desert  steppe with its huge vistas, Hart Mountain, hot springs, hidden canyons, on the other.


Day trips can give you both! This part of Oregon boasts 300 days of sun a year, has low visitation, and offers an experience of solitude and a sense of space and wonderment.

Our Property


Our fenced acreage borders beautiful, expansive Camas Prairie, which is bisected by the cutbank Camas Creek, and is surrounded by the Fremont National Forest (Oregon's largest).

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